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E-Learning Day
Below are several videos and question prompts. You are to view one video and respond to two prompts for the video.
  1. You must watch 1 video
  2. You must respond to 2 of the question prompts for the video. Read through all the prompts and choose your favorite. 
  3. Responses should be thoughtful, thoroughly created. This is an attempt to have you think critically about what you are listening to.
  4. List the video and the prompt that you are responding to.
  5. Hand written or typed (if typed can be submitted by email), Name on page, due two days after school is closed. 


1. Initial Reaction-
a) What does this music bring to mind? What does this music remind you of?
b) What do you feel? What emotions does this music evoke?
c) What connections can you make between this music and your own experience or other art forms?
d) What puzzles you? What are your questions?
2. Description-
a) What do you hear when you examine (listen to) the music closely?
b) What grabs your attention in the music? What stands out for you? What do you notice (e.g., elements of music)?
c) What “qualities” do you hear in this music (e.g., strong, repeated rhythm)?
            d) What might the composer have struggled with while he or she created this music?

3. Analysis and Interpretation-
a) What elements and conventions of music are used in this piece? (can lead to a discussion of form, ornamentation, embedding electronics with acoustic sounds)
b) How are the elements organized, combined, or arranged?
c) How does the music evoke ideas, feelings, and images?
d) What do you think is the theme or subject of the work? (i.e., What is the composer trying to communicate, and why? or, in reflecting on their own work: What did you intend to communicate, and why?)
4. More analysis-
a) Why do you think the composer created this work?
b) What message or meaning do you think the music conveys?
c) In your opinion, what is the composer’s view of the world?
d) How does this view match or contrast with your own view of the world?

Danny Boy performed by Sir James Galway

Rhapsody in Blue- Vienna Clarinet Connection

Derek Brown and Jeff Coffin- Brother

Maynard Ferguson Tribute - Gonna Fly Now feat. Eric Miyashiro, Wayne Bergeron, Patrick Hession

Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas- Maniacal 4 Trombone Quartet

Down to the River to Pray- The University of Texas Tuba/Euphonium Studio

2017 Blue Stars Front Ensemble (Xylophone) - LEARN THE MUSIC to "Star Crossed"

Arabesque- Samuel R. Hazo

Radiohead Jazz Project - Bodysnatchers - Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble

Bruno Mars - Locked out of Heaven - Saxophone Cover

"Line Rider" In the Hall of the Mountain King- Edvard Grieg

Ghostbusters - woodwind arrangement

The Ohio State University Marching Band Performs their Hollywood Blockbuster Show

All About That Bass Oboe! (Mr. Christian honestly did not know this instrument existed)

Ain't Nobody- Youngblood Brass Band

Top Secret Drum Corps - Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2012