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Weekly Class Newsletter

Week of March 9-11

This newsletter information is for the week of March 9-11

Vocabulary for this week:

















This week for Language Arts we will be transitioning to Fiction stories. The story is Realistic Fiction.


We will work on first person and third person point of view.


In Math we will start our fraction unit. Students will work with equivalent fractions, fractions as part of a set and part of a whole.


 Our Social Studies will focus on regions of the United States.







 March 31 is the end of 3rd quarter!


Week of March 9-11

Yellow box full of plastic crayons, and a kid enjoying coloring in the background

Spelling words for this week:

Vowel/Consonant Vowel vs.

Vowel consonant/Vowel


Hazard        savage

Vanish         balance

Modern        result   

Rival            vapor

Pilot             student

Novel           habit

Proper         credit

Vivid            decent

Cubic           humor

Final            focus










Spelling test will be Thursday, March 11.









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