4th grade news

 4thGradeWeekly Class Newsletter

February 24-28

Pennies for Pages will run from February 10-26.

Donations may be in coins, bills or checks to Grand Meadow School

Spelling words: river, level, never, talent, radar, limit, diver, finish, famous, spoken, cabin, wiper, habit, bison, cider, stolen, promise, razor, pity, easel, swallow, plastic, rumbles, sequence, vivid

Language arts: We will be working on putting on a play


Grammar: we will learn about adjectives


Math: We will be learning about decimals


Spelling: the CVC =consonant, vowel, consonant


Science/ Social Studies: The students will be working in Science for quarter 3. We will be studying “States of Matter” and the water cycle.



Please remind students to have proper outdoor gear as the weather continues to be very unpredictable.

We are still accepting party money to help throw our parties and for the 2 auction baskets. $10

Contact: Bob Brusse