4th grade news

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Vocabulary for this week:


Decent (as in family background)












This week for Language Arts we will be reading a Biography. The essential question is “How can people influence the places where they live?”


We will be learning about chronological order of event in a biography.


We will learn to fix sentence fragments, and how to summarize a text.


We will also be sharing our writing.




Math this week we will continue to work on multiplication and division facts and begin multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 2 digit number.


In Science we will be engineering and building our bridges.





Remember to sign up for a conference.

Week of November 16

Yellow box full of plastic crayons, and a kid enjoying coloring in the background

Spelling words for this week:


We will be working on words with prefixes.


 misspell                    enlarge

 misbehave                enable

 misplace                   enclosed

misquote                   encourage

mishandle                 encode

misjudge                   enlighten

misfortune                 engulf

misadventure            enclosure

misunderstood          embed

 endangered             empower    





There is no work assigned for this Friday, since it is the end of the quarter and scheduled off for students.





Spelling test will be Tuesday, November 24






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