Gail Porter: Teacher of Developmental/Cognitive Delay (DCD)


Our Special Education Classroom


This was taken in Bryce Canyon, Utah

Welcome back to school. This year will be a very different looking year, as you probably already realize!!

We'll be starting out with the Hybrid Model, where your children will be coming into school most of the time, but will have shortened days. During the times your children are at home, they'll have the opportunity to do their homework that had been assigned to them.

Remember--If and When we do Distance Learning, your children will be doing videoconferencing over Zoom. They will also be given assignments by their teachers and by me. These WILL NEED to be done and handed in, in order to get credit.

Please help your child with the homework, so they are able to get their assignments done!!!   

Hopefully, we'll get to the point where we can all go back to school full time, without having to wear a mask!!!

With all of these things to worry about--
Hope we can all have a great year!!


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