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Superlark Team Rules

Grand Meadow Football Team Rules

1. Anyone who loses their eligibility for any reason during the football season will not be eligible for any post season awards. This includes lettering, all conference or honorable mention all conference. This also includes the Grand Meadow team awards that team members vote on during the end of season meeting. Anyone who is ineligible will run 4 Viking Drills each day of practice while he is ineligible.

2. Anyone who is chosen as a team captain will have this title revoked if they lose their eligibility at any time, whether it is during the football season or not. Captains are expected to be team leaders and losing eligibility at any time of the year does not demonstrate leadership.

3. Requirements for lettering will be based on multiple factors. The amount of quarters played will be considered; however, the status of the game at the time will carry more weight. This means if a player was on the field for significant playing time while the outcome of the game was still in jeopardy this will be judged more important than if a player is on the field while GM is either winning by a lopsided score or losing by a lopsided score.

A second factor to be considered in lettering of sophomores and freshmen would be a player’s time spent playing on the JV team. If the coaches hold a player out of a JV game due to his importance to the varsity this will increase his probability of lettering. The rationale is that if the player is withheld from the JV game because the varsity coaches are concerned with his getting injured then he must be important enough to the varsity that he will generally receive a letter.

A third factor to be consider in lettering of underclassmen is how much did the individual help prepare the varsity during practices. If the individual was an extremely valuable member of “the scout team” this would assist his chances of earning a letter, even though he may have lacked significant varsity playing time.

4. Anyone who earns a detention will earn 2 Vikings drills as punishment for the detention. Each subsequent detention the punishment will double.

5. Anyone who has an unexcused absence from practice will be given 2 Viking drills. Anyone who misses 2 practices during the week will be withheld from Friday night’s varsity game and/or the following JV game. If the coach holds a player out of practice due to injury or extenuating circumstances the player will be allowed to play on Friday night and/or Monday night.

6. All freshmen are expected to help get out and put away equipment, before and after each practice and game. They are not expected to tolerate any hazing of any kind and should report any such behavior to the coach immediately!

Contact: Gary Sloan