Grand Meadow ISD 495‚Äč

710 4th Ave NE  PO Box 68  Grand Meadow, MN 55936  Phone: 507-754-5318  Fax: 507-754-5608


** If any of you need suggestions for apps on your tablet, just ask. We have a lot that we use with your child. 

In our room, we work on:
a. the student goals

b. academics, which will be at your child’s level. With me focusing on Reading/Written Language, and Ms. Benson focusing on teaching Math, your child will have different teachers for each of these subjects. For Reading, our curricula includes: SRA and Edmark reading. 

c. skills in: motor, communication, social, and behavior

You can also use Pinterest and You Tube to pull up academics, learning videos, and classroom ideas.