Grand Meadow ISD 495‚Äč

710 4th Ave NE  PO Box 68  Grand Meadow, MN 55936  Phone: 507-754-5318  Fax: 507-754-5608

I have three expectations for my 4th grade students. These are the same expectations for the entire Grand Meadow school. We expect students to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. We spend time at the beginning of the school year going over these expectations and what they mean in our classroom and throughout the building. We review them as needed.

I use a clip chart similar to the one pictured here to monitor behaviors. I changed the layout of the colors. It made more sense to me to have purple at the top of the chart and red at the bottom.

Students begin the day on 'Ready to Learn'. They then either clip up for being 'respectful, responsible, or safe', or clip down for not meeting expectations. Students who reach 'Great Day' or 'Outstanding' receive a punch on a punch card and earn a small prize when they have reached ten punches. Students who reach 'Parent Contact' will have a note sent home as well as an email or phone call to parents. 'Teacher's Choice' may be a visit with Mr. Besel, loss of recess, or other consequence.