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Senior Choir Syllabus including Performances:  Students will receive a hard copy of the syllabus in class.  Use this to refer to performance dates, class expectations, and concert dress.

The following information was found in the Port Washington High School choral Department Newsletter.   I felt that it encompasses information and goals that should be reflected in every music program.
“Music teaches discipline.  Music develops self-confidence.  Music gives students a feeling of pride and accomplishment.  Singing in a choir teaches students the importance of working with others and helps them develop the social skills necessary to be part of a performing organization.  It instills values, responsibility, purpose, direction, and devotion to duty, the spirit of cooperation and sensitivity to beauty in our world.  Not all choir students become great musicians, but all will certainly become more mature, cooperative, self-disciplined, hardworking members of their communities with an appreciation of the arts.”

The Course-“…Singing is only 25% notes…”
To participate in this group, students must audition with the director or have the director’s approval. (Some students not placed in choir may have had a scheduling conflict which made placement in choir difficult this semester or this year.)
This class meets daily to practice ear training, music reading, and to rehearse.  In order for you to get the most out of this class, participation is required on a daily basis. Voice lessons will occur weekly, however, you only need to attend and show progress in 5 lessons.  You will not only work on choir music, but practice listening, match pitch, work on tone production, and if you would like to try it, work on contest solo literature.

A rough idea of grading is as follows:  
Daily Rehearsals                             30%
Voice Lessons attendance            10%
Performances                                  40%
Voice Evaluation                            20%
“To be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late; to be late is unacceptable.”
  1. Be on time.  If you need to know what I mean by that, read the information above.
  2. Participate.  If there is a valid reason you are unable to participate, please bring a note from a parent or guardian.  You will still be expected to sit in on the rehearsal, take notes and listen silently. The major emphasis is on vocal development and music comprehension and the study of a variety of choral repertoire.  Students perform at concerts and graduation.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Solo/Ensemble contest in March. 
  3. Be Respectful.  Show respect for everyone in the room and their belongings.
  4. No food or drink during rehearsal.  Water is acceptable but you are responsible for cleaning up any spills.  Eating your breakfast or snack is not allowed during school time.  Do this before the bell.
  5. No cell phones during classCell phones will be collected at the beginning of class and kept in a secure area.  They will be returned at the end of class
  6. Attend all performances.  Senior High Choir is a performing arts group.  Concert attendance is mandatory.  Parents need to pay special attention to the concert dates and plan activities around them.  These dates are set well in advance of the school year and missing a concert can affect the entire ensemble.
  7. Dress requirements:  Black trousers (not sweatpants), black shoes, black socks or nylons.
Performances  “All music must dance”
December 12          Choir/Band Concert  Gym    7:00 p.m.         Robes
January  8-9             Dorian Festival (4-5 juniors and/or seniors)  Decorah, IA
March 12                    Solo/Ensemble Contest at RCC           All Day
March 15                 Choir/Band Concert  Gym    7:00 p.m.         Robes
April 4                      Large Group Contest at Stewartville                       Robes
May                      Pops Concert Cafetorium   7:00       Dress Up
May                    Graduation  7:00 p.m.  Gym