Grand Meadow ISD 495

710 4th Ave NE  PO Box 68  Grand Meadow, MN 55936  Phone: 507-754-5318  Fax: 507-754-5608

Thank you for considering Grand Meadow Public School as a possible addition for your child's educational future.  At Grand meadow we strive to adjust the curriculum to fit the learner.  The child's age, abilities, personality, interests, and learning style are considered when planning learning experiences.  These needs are met in the classroom or in conjunction with other programs designed for remediation or enrichment.  Students at all levels are encouraged to develop the study skills of independent learning, to cooperate with others, to learn to make wise decisions, and to transfer learning within all disciplines.  Our school provides foundational skills necessary to maximize their potential as productive members of society and contributors to the global community. 

7th & 8th Grade (Middle School)

7th Grade Core Subjects                                                             8th Grade Core Subjects
          - ​English 7                                                                              - English 8
          - Social Studies ( American History)                                        - Social Studies (World Geography & Culture)
          - Life Science 7                                                                       - Earth/ Space Science 8
          - Mathematics 7                                                                      - Mathematics 8
7th & 8th Grade Electives
          - Gym, Art, Woodworking/ Shop, Band or Choir, Spanish

9th -12th Grade (High School) 

English                                                                                              Mathematics
          - English I Composition/ Lang. Arts (Required 9th Grade)              - Geometry ( Required 9-12th Grades)
          - English II Communication/ Modern Lit. (Required 10th Grade)     - Algebra II (Required 10-12th Grades)
          - English III American Literature (Required 11th Grade)                 - Applied Math (10-12th Grades Elective)
          - English IV British/ World Lit. (Required 12th Grade)                     - Probability & Statistics (11 & 12th Grades)
          - The Fundamentals of College Writing (12th Elective- College Cr.) - Pre-Calculus (11 or 12th Elective)
          - Intro to Literature (12th Elective- College Cr.)                           - AP Calculus (11 or 12th Elective- College Cr.)
          - Essentials of Speech & Listening (11-12th Elec. - Col Cr.)            - ACT Prep- Math (11 or 12th Elective)
          - Creative Writing & Yearbook (11-12th Grade Elective)

Social Studies                                                                                  Science 
  - World History (Required 9th Grade)                                                 - Physical Science (Required 9th Grade)
  - American History Survey (Required 10th Grade)                              - General Biology (Required 10th Grade)                  
 - American Government (Required 11 or 12th Grade)                         - Chemistry or Physics (Required 11-12th)        -Economics (Required 11 or 12th Grade)                                            - Conceptual Physics (11 or 12th Elective)         -World Geography (Required 11 or 12th Grade)                              - Anatomy & Physiology (11 or 12th Elective)        -Citizen Leadership (11 or 12th Grade Elective)                - Advanced Biology (11 or 12th Elective- College Cr.)
 -Intro to Geogrophy (11 or 12th Elective- College Cr.)      - High School Mentorship (11-12th Elective thr Mayo Clinic)

Business                                                                                         Physical Education & Health
-Computer Applications 1 (Required 9th Grade)                  -Physical Education 1/ Health 1 (Required 9th Grade)
-Computer Applications 2 (9-12th Grades Elective)            -Physical Education 2/ Health 2 (Required 10th Grade)
-Accounting (9-12th Grades Elective)                                                  -Lifetime Sports (11 or 12th Grade Elective)
-Consumer Math (10-12th Grades Elective)                                         -Weight Training & Fitness (11 or12th Grade Elective)

Performing Arts                                                                              Agricultral & Trade Education
-Senior High Choir (9-12th Grades Elective)                        -Agri-Science/ Woodworking (Required 9th Grade)
-Senior High Band (9-12th Grades Elective)                        -10th-12th Grade Electives
-9th-12th Art Electives: Digital Photography, Drawing,                    Agricultural Building Construction, Animal Science/ 
  Photoshop, Cartooning, Art I-II, or Ceramics I-II                           Horticulture, Animal/ Plant Science, Carpentry/
                                                                                                     Electricity, Carpentry Trades/ Mechanics, Power
Foreign Language                                                                       Mechanics, or Small Engines/ Welding, Business 
-Spanish I (9-12th Grades Elective)                                                Leadership
-Spanish II (10th-12th Grades Elective)
-Spanish III (11th or 12th Grades Elective) 

High School Graduation Requirements (24 Credits in Total)                                                                              

- 4.00 English       - 4.00 Math        - 4.00 Social Studies        - 4.00 Science      - 1.00 Physical Ed.   
- 1.00 Health              - 1.00 Performing Arts (Choir, Band, Art)    - 5.00 Additional Electives