Grand Meadow High School
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Instructor:                              Mr. Smith
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Room Number:                       A117
Course Description    This course is a detailed examination of economic systems.  Specific topics include supply and demand, business organization, government spending, the Federal Reserve System, financial investments, unemployment and inflation, international trade and economic trends and economic theory.  In addition to these topics we will examine how current events affect the global economy.  This course meets and exceeds the State and National Guidelines for Economics
Text                            Economics: Principals in Action, Prentice Hall, Inc. 2006
Length of Course      One semester
Supplies                      iPad, Spiral notebook, pen/pencil
                                    First Quarter
                                    Unit I  Introduction to Economics (three chapters)
                                    Unit II How Markets Work (four chapters)
                                    Unit III Business and Labor (two chapters)
                                    Unit IV
                                      Money and Banking (two chapters)
                                    Unit V
                                      Measuring Economic Performance (two chapters)
                                    Second Quarter
                                    Unit VI
                                      Government and the Economy (three chapters)
                                    Unit VII
                                      The Federal Executive Branch (four chapters)
                                      Unit VIII
                                      The Global Economy (two chapters)
Grading: Extra credit will be very limited. There are extra credit questions given on a few of the test.  

85% Will be based on how you perform on tests and quizes 

15%  Homework, projects, and participation in class.
A      100-94
A-       93-90
B+      89-87
B        86-84
B-       83-80
 C+      79-77 
C        76-74
C-       73-70
D+      69-67
D        66-64
D-       63-60