Grand Meadow School
Curriculum for 
Business Mathematics
Instructor:                             Mr. Smith
Email Address:                       
Room Number:                     A117
Course Description   This course is designed to help students develop mathematical skills through practical applications and activities that emphasize the application of mathematics in many types of real world endeavors. Topics may include: earnings and taxes, checking and savings accounts, loans, insurance, automobile expenses and housing expenses.

Method of Instruction  Assessments practice quizzes and quizzes on each unit of study, daily practice exercises, homework, participation including being involved in discussions and activities, and answering questions. Lessons are included in the course with an overall goal of having students be more prepared for life after high school. Most activities have a goal of developing mathematical understanding and applying of mathematical skills. Instructional strategies in this course include direct instruction, discussion, note-taking, and modeling, technology, and student projects.

Course Requirements  Homework, pencil, notebook, and a calculator.

Academic/Behavioral Expectations The main goal of Consumer Math is to prepare students for adult life. It is expected that students act and behave as responsible, mature citizens.  Inappropriate actions include those that interfere in this learning process such as being off task, unauthorized use of personal electronics, and distracting others from maximizing their concentration.  Students who violate these expectations can lose participation points and may face disciplinary action.    

Grading  Is determined by student accuracy on homework, assessments, projects, and participation. Homework is usually due the next day.  Late homework is not tolerated.  No credit for homework turned in after the quiz for that unit, unless an exception has been given. 

                        85% will be based on how you perform on tests and quizzes
                        15% will be based on projects, homework, and class participation 
   A        100-94             C+        79-77
 A-       93-90               C       76-74
 B+      89-87               C-      73-70
   B        86-84               D+        69-67
    B-       83-80               D        66-64