Grand Meadow High School 
Curriculum for
Computer Applications
Instructor Contact Information
Instructor:                                           Mr. Smith
Email Address:                                    
Room Number                                     A117
Course Description
This is an introductory course that is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.  An emphasis on developing speed and accuracy by using correct keyboarding techniques will be stressed.  This course is intended to provide students with the basic terminology and understanding of various software platforms to enhance their ability to perform in a personal, professional, and educational setting.
Method of Instruction
The class will be conducted using a large-group instruction and discussion sessions as well as individualized instruction and assignments.  Students are encouraged to ask questions during lecture and application.
Course Requirements
  1. Most coursework will be done in the classroom computer lab with some projects that are to be done at home assigned by the instructor.
  2. Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of computer terms in written and performance evaluation.
  3. Students are expected to work at increased ability of keyboarding accuracy and time during every class period.
Course Overview
Unit 1-Bullets Points and Numbering, Centering and Page Set-up, Tabs and Tables
Using Microsoft Word, students will learn to effectively use bullet points and numbering in a writing setting.  Students will learn how to utilize the Microsoft Word page setup dialog box in or to adjust the orientation of their page, control each individual margin in a document, and center the page.  Students will also learn how to use tabs effectively to format various documents.  Students will learn how to use the standard feature to create tables as well as the more complex table drawing feature.
Unit 2-Business Lettering, Reports, and Emails
Using Microsoft Word and Outlook students will learn the various components of a business letter, reports, and how to send an email.  The students will also learn how to create these various types of writing for personal or business use.
Unit 3- Presentation Software
Using Microsoft PowerPoint and Access, students will learn how to create professional presentations and process data in a database.  Advanced tools such as adding audio, video and charts to a presentation will be stressed.
Unit 4- Spreadsheets
Students will develop spreadsheet management skills using Microsoft Excel.  Students will learn spreadsheet terms.  The students will spend the majority of their time practicing their new knowledge of spreadsheets and learn several ways of presenting their spreadsheets in new and exciting ways using various formatting features included graphs and charts.
Grading: Quarter grades will be based on total points using the following scale:
                                    85% Will be based on computer projects
                                    15% Homework, classroom attendance and participation 

 A 100-94%
A- 93-90%
 B+ 89-87%
B 86-84%
 B- 83-80%
   C+ 79-77% 
 C 76-74%

 C- 73-70%
  D+ 69-67%
D 66-64%
 D- 63-60%
Below 60% is an F