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High School Band

In high school band we will be working on reviewing old pep band songs and learning a new one for the upcoming home football game Sept. 14


Grand Meadow High School Band Course Syllabus 2018-2019

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Course Title: High School Band

Class Location: Band/Choir Room

Time: 5th hour (12:16-1:09)

Course description:  A concert band comprised of students in ninth through twelfth grade who choose to be in band.  This class will be during 5th hour and alternate days with choir.  Band students will perform several times throughout the school year (concerts, pep fests, athletic events, solo and ensemble.)  Every student in band will be required to take band lessons once every two weeks for 20 minutes as a part of their grade.  These lessons will be used to assess individual student performance levels, track individual improvement and provide small group  time to answer any questions or address any performance issues a student maybe be having.

Instructional format:  Performance Ensemble

Classroom expectations:

Students should be respectful of others by not talking or playing their instrument when a teacher is speaking or when a fellow student is asking a question or giving an answer. Other expectations are,

  • Be on time and bring the appropriate materials
  • Participate to the best of your ability
  • Be respectful to teacher and fellow students as well as all instruments and property in the band room. If it is not yours, do not touch it.
  • Absolutely no food or drink during rehearsals. Water is the only exception
  • No cell phones in class.
  • All instruments and music should be stored properly when not in use.

Goals of course:  Students will develop their musical knowledge and performance skills over the course of the year.  This includes tone quality, intonation, technical skills, note reading, ability to balance and blend in an ensemble, and the ability to make their own musical decisions.

Objectives: Students will continue to build upon their skills in note and rhythmic reading, technique, musicality, and ensemble and individual performance.

Materials: instrument, music, pencil, accessories that apply to instrument (extra reeds, valve oil, slide grease, stick bag, instrument cleaning materials

Grading Procedures:  Band students will be graded in three areas comprised of the following: Weekly rehearsals- 30%, Lessons- 30%, and Performances– 40%. For a complete description these graded areas, please reference the attached sheet.

Study Skills needed:  Students will need to find a quiet room free of distractions to practice their instrument on a daily basis.  During this practice session, students should be focusing on areas of their music that they find difficult, isolate these areas and work to improve them.  Students are recommended to have a music stand at home to help with good posture and playing position. Some general practice tips are to count and clap rhythms before playing, then sing and finger the notes.  This will help students to figure out the music before they play it.  If the students ever need extra help, they may stop in before or after school

Practice: Students should practice at least 10 minutes five days a week on parts of their music that are challenging, and any extra lesson materials assigned. If students are able to play their music they will be more successful and have more fun in their musical experiences.

Cell Phones: All students need to place cell phones in box before class or keep them in their lockers. If I see a cell phone, I will take it away and the student will not get it back until the end of the school day.

IPads: IPads will be used in rehearsal. If a student is caught playing games, surfing the internet, or anything else that is NOT directly related to this class, their IPad privileges may be taken away.

Missed Performances:

General Absence: To make up points for any missed performances a student has two options to make up points.

  1. A word processed opinion paper or reflection may be assigned. The student must meet with Mr. Christian to establish the topic and length of the submission. The topic and length will be determined by the type of event that was missed. All papers will be a minimum of 250 words for the simplest of performances. Citations and a separate works cited page in MLA or APA format are required if any material is not the students own words. All plagiarism will be handled according to the student handbook.
  2.  A student may choose to play the music that was performed during the event. This may be done in person once scheduled with Mr. Christian or by electronic submission of a video of themselves performing the selected music
    • Both options are due one week from the scheduled date of the performance.


Grand Meadow High School Band Grading Policy

Grades and Grading

Lessons – 30% of total points

See below

● Weekly rehearsals – 30% of total points

Students receive 100% at the beginning of each quarter. Students can easily maintain this percentage by coming to class and lessons on time with their instrument, pencil, music, as well as demonstrating respectful behavior. Points will be deducted for not having an instrument or music, not preparing music prior to rehearsal, and not following classroom rules and procedures during class or performance.

Performances – 40% of total points

Students are expected to attend all concerts with their instrument, music and proper attire.  Band is a performance class and, as such, students will be required to perform in concerts at the appropriate times. All performances will be announced well in advance in writing. Attendance at all concerts and rehearsals of the ensemble is required of each and every member.

Lesson Grades

Students will receive a possible total of 10 points for each band lesson held.  Students must attend 2 lessons before the midterm of each quarter and 2 lessons after the midterm of each quarter.

Lessons will be scored in the following manner:

Proficient (4): The lesson material is well-prepared and the student arrives with all necessary materials and equipment.

Developing (3-2): The lesson material is adequately prepared, and the student arrives with most (but not all) necessary materials and equipment.

Unacceptable (1): The student attends the lesson prepared to do nothing. No progress has been made since their last lesson.  A “0” will only be issued if a student misses a lesson with no excuse.

Grading Scale

A            94-100%

A-           90-93%

B+          87-89%

B            84-86%

B-           80-83%

C+          77-79%

C            74-76%

C-           70-73%

D+          67-69%

D            64-66%

D-           60-63%

F             0-59%

-------------------------------------Please detach and return signed---------------------------------------

My student, ___________________________ and I have read and understand the syllabus, rules,                              (Student Printed name)

and consequences to which my student will be held accountable for. I also understand that my student is in control of their grade.

______________________________           _____________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                     Date

Please return by, Friday September 14th, 2018 to receive full points.