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Digital Citizenship
This course explores and analyzes what it means to be a citizen of digital spaces. This course is intended to equip students with the knowledge of our daily choices when interacting and communicating online often have lasting repercussions. This course provides a wealth of digital academic opportunities: conducting research, citing evidence, assessing credibility, collaborating with others, posting on social media, and more. Upon completion of this course, students will be more prepared in making informed decisions in this digital age.
Business Math
This course is designed to help students develop mathematical skills through practical applications and activities that emphasize the application of mathematics in many types of real world endeavors. Topics may include: earnings and taxes, checking and savings accounts, loans, insurance, automobile expenses and housing expenses.
Accounting is a class that blends business finances with personal finance to help students to better understand how to manage their personal finance, a small business’ finances, and cooperation finances
This course is a detailed examination of economic systems. Specific topics include supply and demand, business organization, government spending, the Federal Reserve system, financial investments, unemployment and inflation, international trade and economic trends and economic theory. In addition to these topics we will examine how current events affect the global economy. This course meets and exceeds the state and national guidelines for Economics. This class meets during first semester.
Computer Applications
This is an introductory course that is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. An emphasis on developing speed and accuracy by using correct keyboarding techniques will be stressed. This course is intended to provide students with the basic terminology and understanding of various software platforms to enhance their ability to perform in a personal, professional, and educational setting.