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Grand Meadow Public Schools

Physical Education Department

Middle and High School Physical Education



Ms. Dawn Baudoin

Mr. Chad Burmester

Mr. Josh Bain


Course Description:


The Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide instruction designed to promote a positive state of physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being. Students will attain knowledge, skills, and attitudes through participation in activities that promote lifetime fitness, leisure, and recreational activities.


Grading: Grades will be based on total points using the following scale.

A 100-94%

A- 93-90%

B+ 89-87%

B 86-84%

B- 83-80%

C+ 79-77% C 76-74%

C- 73-70%

D+ 69-67%

D 66-64%

D- 63-60% Below 60% is an F


Weighting of Grades:


75% Daily Participation

Daily participation is trying to the best of your ability to do the things expected of you in the class. (These are listed under class expectations) You will receive 10 points daily for participation.

Participation Grade: Students will earn 10 points per lesson

10 pts. Participation/Behavior

(Skipping class= loss of 10 pts.)

(Not changing but participates in class= loss of 5 points)

(Not changing or participating will be a class removal and result in a 0 for the day.)

(Leaving class early = loss of 10 pts.)


(Disruptive behavior = 1st warning -2 pts, 2nd warning -4 pts, 3rd warning class removal

= loss of all daily points.)



*Any student that is asked to sit out of an activity because of poor behavior or attitude will result in the following consequences.

-1st time asked to sit out=loss of 5 daily points

-2nd time asked to sit out=loss of all points and parent/guardian will be contacted

-3rd time asked to sit out=office referral and detention, loss of all points, and

parent/guardian will be contacted


25% Tests/Quizzes/PE Related Articles.

Students will be assigned one PE/Health related article per quarter. Articles will be posted on Schoology 2 weeks after the beginning of the quarter and will be due 2 weeks prior to the end of the quarter. Students may be given quizzes or tests during certain PE units.


Parent/Medical Excuses


If your student needs to be excused from Physical Education class for 2 or more consecutive days (sprain, strain, broken bones, etc) a medical excuse is needed. If the student is excused for an extended period of time a written assignment will be assigned each week the student is out, in order for the student to earn their grade.


*Students who sit out of PE and are not medically excused will receive 0 points for the day.


*It is the responsibility of the student to connect with the teacher to their makeup assignment.







Class Expectations:

1.) Prompt/Prepared

- Be appropriately dressed for class on time. Athletic shorts, sweat pants, and a t-shirt are recommended. Cut of shirts will not be allowed and will be a loss of points.

- Be in your squad/seated. If the student is not in their assigned seat they will receive a tardy.

- Bring appropriate materials.

- Bring outdoor/indoor clothing to each class period.

2.) Present

- You need to be in class to gain full advantage of things being presented.

3.) Participate

- 75% of your grade consists of being active. This means not sitting around but being actively involved with the whole class.

4.) Positive

- Be helpful to one another when learning an activity. Everyone will have more


5.) Polite

- Follow rules/directions first time they are given.

- Respect the rights of others to learn.

- Display appropriate social/sportsmanship skills.

- Show observable concern for the safety of self, others, and equipment.

- Use equipment in prescribed manner upon the permission of the instructor.

- No rough play, running, fighting, climbing on benches, lockers in the locker room.















P.E. Uniform

Students are not required to wear a specific school issued P.E. uniform. They may bring the appropriate clothing from home with the following requirements:


1.) P.E. clothing must be different than what is worn to school that day. It may

consist of a pair of shorts (when the student has arms relaxed at their side the

shorts must be long enough to reach their fingertips),

and tennis shoes. Remember cut-offs are not allowed.


2.) Recommended—sweatshirt/sweatpants or windbreaker outfit for cooler days

when we are outside.


3.) Tennis shoes to be tied/non-marking soles. Slip-ons are not allowed for safety






Electronic Device Policy: The Physical Education Department has the right to take any device that has recording/picture taking capabilities that is visible in the locker room at any time. The device will be turned into the office and school policy will take effect. The PE Department follows the MSHSL Policy.