Accounting Syllabus

Course Syllabus for


Mr. Smith


What is this course about?

Accounting is a class that blends business finances with personal finance to help students to better understand how to manage their personal finance, a small business’ finances, and cooperation finances.


What is Accounting?

Throughout this course we are going to study Planning, Recording, Analyzing, and Interpreting financial information.


What will we cover in Accounting?

  • Starting a Proprietorship
  • Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts
  • Journalizing Transactions
  • Posting to a General Ledger
  • Cash Control Systems
  • An Accounting Cycle for a Proprietorship
  • Work Sheet for a Service Business
  • Financial Statements for a Proprietorship
  • Recording Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Service Business
  • Applications in Accounting


Math is a complex subject. One topic builds on the pervious lessons. Daily participation is a must in my classroom. Do not fall behind on your course work. Attendance is Mandatory. All missed work during an absence must be turned in before you take the test for that chapter.


Grades and Homework

Your grades will be based on strait points. Homework sets will be given often and will be worth 5 points each. Quizzes will be given seldom but when given will be worth 20 points. Exams will be worth 100 points each and will be given at the end of each chapter. There are very limited chances for Extra credit so when an opportunity arises it is your job to take advantage. All late work must be done and turned in before the end of the next class period for it to be graded.


Grading Scale:

100-94% A 79-77% C+ 63-60% D-

93-90% A- 76-74% C < 60 % F

89-87% B+ 73-70% C-

86-84% B 69-67% D+

83-80% B- 66-64% D


Classroom Materials:

At the beginning of each class period you should have a writing utensil, a notebook or loose leaf paper, your test book, and a calculator (TI 30 Calculators are recommended however any calculator should work.). You should come prepared to learn.


Classroom Management:

When someone is speaking in my classroom, I expect everyone else to be listening. During lecture time you are to be seated in your seat and attentive. Outside of lecture time you are free to move around the classroom as needed. I am not here to tell you how to solve math problems. I am here to help you learn how to solve math problems. If you have a question during homework time, make sure to get my attention and I will be happy to help you.


Extra Help:

I am available before and after school for any help that you need. Please feel free to come and ask me for any homework help you need. If you mention that you are coming in outside of my scheduled work time say after 4pm, just let me know beforehand and I will try to be accommodating. The best way to reach me if you have a problem on the weekend or at a time when I will not be at school is by e-mail (



Mr. Smith