Grand Meadow High School 
Curriculum for
Digital Citizenship
Instructor Contact Information
Instructor:                                           Mr. Smith
Email Address:                         
Room Number                                    A117

Method of Instruction
The class will be conducted using a large-group instruction and discussion sessions as well as individualized instruction and assignments.  Students are encouraged to ask questions during lecture and application.

Course Requirements

  1. Most coursework will be done in the classroom computer lab with some projects that are to be done at home assigned by the instructor.
  2. Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of digital citizenship terms in written and performance evaluations.

Course Overview 
       This course explores and analyzes what it means to be a citizen of digital spaces. This course is intended to equip students with the knowledge of our daily choices when interacting and communicating online often have lasting repercussions. This course provides a wealth of digital academic opportunities: conducting research, citing evidence, assessing credibility, collaborating with others, posting on social media, and more. Upon completion of this course, students will be more prepared in making informed decisions in this digital age.

Contact: Mr. Smith