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The Grand Meadow School District Administration and School Board have been able to refocus their attention on pre-pandemic programming and projects this summer. One of those projects is growing the school district to meet the needs of students in career planning. 

At the June School Board meeting, members of the GMEF (Grand Meadow Education Foundation) presented an idea to assist in the construction of a Career and Tech (Trades) facility.  This collaboration and idea sharing matches past practice in working together to offer opportunities for students at Grand Meadow School.  Below is a copy of an article in this week’s Meadow Area News.   Stay tuned for more information and the potential for you to attend informational meetings and give your feedback as we move forward with these ideas. 

News from Grand Meadow Public School (copy of newspaper article)

As the school year has ended and thoughts of a more traditional start to the school year are in the works for the fall of 2021, the Grand Meadow School district is starting to refocus their efforts on pre-pandemic ideas.  The school district is working on long-term facilities maintenance, meeting the needs of the youngest learners in Pre-School, Family Education and Career and Technical learning opportunities for middle and high school age students.   These ideas follow the districts Aims and Goals under the Mission statement: Educational Excellence for all Learners in a Global Society. 

Pre-School and Family Education:  Studying and researching best practices and looking to expand the facilities of the school to provide more learning space, which may potentially include a school-based daycare. 

Long Term Facilities:  Analyzing the HVAC system, lighting,  and the exterior air form on the domes to create a pathway to maintain the current dome structure. 

Career and Tech studies (Trades):  Working collaboratively with the Grand Meadow Education Foundation to design and build a facility to accommodate the learning needs of students interested in the trades. 

Over the course of the next couple of months, Grand Meadow school will be facilitating a survey to receive public input on these upcoming projects and ideas. In addition, there will be public meetings to share information and also receive feedback on the timelines for these upcoming projects to “Maintain and Grow”  the Grand Meadow School district. 

Superintendent Besel 


In the short-term, if you would like more information on the proposal presented by the GMEF, contact one of the Foundation members, a school board member or Superintendent Besel. 

 School Board members: 

Dan Geier                            Tabitha Hoffman 

Dan Arndorfer                   Justin Queensland 

Shavonn Eastlee               Troy Gilbert 


GMEF Board Members: 

Dillon Denisen                         Courtney Hanson  

Travis Warmka                        Stephanie Wytaske 

Cole Queensland                     DJ Start  

Candice Stier                           Tonya Klapperick  

Krystal Brogan                         Toni Kolling  

Sonya Meyerhofer 



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