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JO Volleyball News

JO Volleyball News:

GM Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball Program sign up! 


We are looking forward to another fun season of JO volleyball. This is a reminder that sign up will occur in late January. An email will be sent with exact date/time/required forms.


Season: The season will start shortly after basketball season (end of Feb) and run until the end of April. 


Ages: 3rd grade through 9th grade


Average cost: 3rd and 4th grades approximately $50, 5th through 9th approximately $180. Cost is dependent on the of number of tournaments, number of players and coaching fees. 


Uniforms: Players pay $25 for a uniform, unless they have paid in years past. Uniforms are turned back in to the GM JO club at the end of the season. Uniforms are re-distributed at the start of the next season, changing sizes as needed. 


Tournaments: 3rd and 4th graders will have 2 tournaments. Older age groups will have 3-4 tournaments per season. Local, max travel time 40-45 min one way. One tourney in GM on April 25 and 26, parent volunteers will be needed.


Practice times: 1-2 times per week depending of age groups, coaches and gym availability. Most practices in years past have occurred on Sunday afternoons. 


Contacts: Kari Owens, Amy Stier.  


Parent Representatives: Denise Nesbitt, Leslie Hendrickson, Heather Peterson, Tabitha Hoffman, Cassie Holst and Jody Stier.


Parents please reply to if your daughter is interested and what grade she is in. 



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