Mrs. Christina Swanek - 9th Grade Intro to Agriculture
                                       Environmental Sciences
                                       7th Grade Life Scienc

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 Wow, 7 years!  I love teaching in this school!  The administration, faculty and staff, students, and community is amazing!  I currently teach 9th Grade Ag, Environmental Sciences, PreVet, 7th Grade Science and Yearbook. 

A little bit about myself, I love agriculture and I love science.  I have a bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University and a teaching license for secondary Agricultural education.    If you think about it...agriculture was the first science.  Since the beginning of the human race we have been trying to improve on the food we eat, the shelter we have, the clothing we wear, etc.  Who wouldn't find this subject fascinating.  I hope to instill in our students a curiosity in agriculture.  Agriculture affects everyone everyday.  While many may not notice it, the science of agriculture is constantly changing and evolving.  I attend conferences and courses pertaining to the livestock industry often. There are always new problems to solve and ways we could improve current methods.    I bring back the latest information that I learn to keep my students current.  My hopes are to spark a desire to solve problems, improve on ideas, and create students who are knowledgeable consumers of agricultural products.  
As well as teaching at our wonderful school, I also do the accounting for Swanek Nutrition Consulting.  My husband and I built this business 14 years ago and work with dairy cattle farmers within a 200 mile radius.  Keeping up-to-date on current research and consumer and market trends is essential to running a business like this.  We also have a herd of 38 Angus cows.  We breed for replacement and show quality females.  We are always busy looking into new genetics to add to our herd.  All of our cows are artificially inseminated (no bulls on the property).  We also use IVF (in vitro fertilization) and ET (embryo transfer).  Our newest endeavor is in the goat industry.  Each industry has different challenges and I love learning, especially hands on.  

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