Hello! I am Diane Jacobsen and I am the Early Childhood Special Education teacher in Grand Meadow.  I have been working as a special education teacher since 2014.  I enjoy working in the Grand Meadow Preschool program in the afternoons, providing Birth to 3-year-old special education services in home for children with needs, and the districts Early Childhood Family Education classes.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading books, cross-stitching, and taking my dog for walks.

I have been married to my husband Ben since 1993 and I have 4 children.  Haley is attending college at Wartburg in Waverly, Iowa.  Elizabeth is attending college in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Both of my girls are in their senior year and both plan on heading into the field of education.  Christian is in his second year of college at Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  He will wrestle for the school and plans on going into education.  James my youngest will be a senior this year and attends the Grand Meadow school.  You will usually find me in the bleachers watching football, or wrestling.

If you ever have any questions on development or on special education services, you can reach me at 505-857-1120 ext.7790 or email me at