Mr. Dvergsten - Ag Education

I would like to introduce myself to you and explain various segments within the Grand  Meadow Ag/Industrial Tech. Program.
My family includes my wife, Nancy  three grown children and 10 grandchildren.  My home is the small nearby town of Adams.
My interests are my family  and the constant keeping up with Minnesota Agriculture in many areas too numerous to mention. I was born and raised in an Agricultural family and it has no doubt continued to be a passion in my life.
My philosophy in teaching for over 40 years hasn't changed.  Set high standards and be able to measure the progress in reaching those standards.  And, to remember to always work hard and to do what is right.
My professional experiences lie in the areas of Animal Science, Agronomy, Leadership Development and Parliamentary Procedure.   I am a Certified Professional Parliamentarian and past 41  year member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians.  I continue to study and stay current with the CCA Certified Crop Advisors and have served many years on several bank boards.  I indirectly continue to follow much of the on-line  training as well as webinars offered through the American Bankers Association.
Our courses in the Grand Meadow Program vary from Animal/Plant Science to Power Mechanics and from Business Leadership to our Junior High quads in Ag/Ind. Tech for 7th and 8th graders.  We also added a Trades and Industry course in 2020.
All of our courses include the FFA( intra curricular student leadership) organization which is an integral part of each of our courses.  The purpose of this organization is to provide premier leadership, personal growth and career success to all students involved.   It is the intent that all students should be involved to avoid important real life experiences and skills getting missed.

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Important:  Distance Learning Procedure.    In the event  that the Grand Meadow School is on a Distance Learning Plan for 1  day or an extended period of time  all communications will be posted on my site labeled e-learning.    Communications that will be sent will include the lesson, assignment and the timeline in which it is due.
My e-mail address is : .    I am asking that any and all questions from parents and students should be sent to me through e-mail of which I will return a reply within 24 hours during our teacher work schedule.


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