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Procedures and expectations for room 102

Procedures/Guidelines for Mr. Simpkins’s classroom
Be on time & bring what you need to class: If you are late, or need to return to your locker to get something you will be considered tardy.
There are no late assignments:  If an assignment is not turned in to, or prior to the due date it will be considered a zero. (There are exceptions)
Tests: They will be announced in advance.  If you are absent the day the class takes a scheduled test, you will make it up the day you return. Exceptions may be granted for extended absences.  Make up tests may be modified from the original, usually in an essay format.  If you know you will be gone on the day a test is given, I would suggest taking it early.
Food and Beverage  Water only. Take your bottle with you
Bathroom use during class  If it is an emergency go. If not don’t ask.
Grading     Included in the class syllabus            

Life Skills Are doing things that are expected of you. Participating, paying attention, being responsible, cooperation. These are things that are EXPECTED of you your entire life. You will start with 100% at the beginning of the quarter. After five absences in a quarter you will be deducted 1 point for each additional absence. If the teacher needs to remind you what is expected of you in this class, you will probably lose a point.  Points are doubled if a substitute is involved.
Extra Credit You will have opportunities on almost every test to gain extra credit.  There may be times throughout the course that extra credit will be offered to the entire class. (not many-take advantage if offered)  Students may attend local government meetings, school board, city/township council meetings etc. (if in doubt ask) for extra credit. At least one hour must be spent at the meeting. Proof of attendance is needed (meeting agenda etc.)by Mr. Simpkins. A brief typed summary (a paragraph or two) of what took place must be submitted within three days of attendance and given to Mr. Simpkins. Up to three meetings per quarter will be allowed.  The extra credit points will first be applied to any deficient or missing homework, the remainder of the points will be applied to your most recent test score. (10points per meeting)
IPAD Usage You are encouraged to use your IPad in this class. If you are using it to surf the web, play games or anything else that is NOT directly related to this class you will not be allowed to bring it to this class. First offense is one week with no Ipad, second offense two weeks, third offense………..
Cell Phones Follow school policy.  If you are discovered with your cell on you, 10 life skill points will be deducted.  If it is a day you have a test, you will receive a zero on the test.
Set high expectations for yourself.  Mr. Simpkins is on your side.  I’m here to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.


Contact: Bill Simpkins