Grand Meadow Public Schools Mission Statement:
Educational excellence for all learners in a global society


Grand Meadow Public Schools Vision Statement:
To create a safe learning environment that inspires and prepares students for a global society

Grand Meadow Public Schools Will:

  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment
  • Integrate technology as a learning tool for all students
  • Differentiate instruction
  • Provide global perspective

Aims and Goals:
Aim #1: Student Excellence

  • Hold students accountable for their learning opportunities
  • Provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum
  • Increase co-curricular and extracurricular involvement and opportunities
  • Celebrate successes
  • Develop educational models to support all learners

How Measured:

  • Student achievement will be measured by site based assessment growth (FastBridge) through individual student goal setting
  • Developing a comprehensive Scope and Sequence of all core curriculums
  • Waive participation fees for student
  • Study and report student successes based on increased tutoring at the middle school level
  • Q-Comp goals developed based on student achievement goals in relation to standards based knowledge at each grade level

Aim #2: Faculty and Staff Development

  • Research, develop, and plan relevant best practices with consortium partners
  • Utilize Q-Comp plan as a tool to provide direction and support for staff and faculty development
  • Maintain and utilize the established Curriculum Cycle to stay current with educational trends and state/ national standards
  • Develop wellness activities for staff and faculty
  • Actively engage parents through effective communication
  • Recognize staff and faculty achievements and successes

How Measured:

  • Collaborate with consortium administration and teacher leaders to develop relevant staff development opportunities
  • The Q-Comp plan will reflect best practices and support district vision and mission statement
  • All teachers will update the curriculum cycle to reflect current best practices based on state/ national standards
  • Increase the number of active participants in wellness activities by 20 percent
  • Develop outreach communication guidelines other than parent- teacher conferences
  • Continue end of the year recognition program and take time during the school year to recognize staff and faculty

Aim #3: District Operations

  • Collaborate with businesses and community
  • Be fiscally responsible
  • Provide policy, procedures and technology infrastructure to support education opportunities for student and adult learning
  • Maintain a safe and secure learning environment
  • Attract, hire, mentor and retain quality educators committed to excellence
  • Develop collaborative relationships with neighboring school districts and area colleges
  • Celebrate and market successes

How Measured:

  • Communicate what the needs are of the school, so businesses and people may be able to assist when needed
  • Develop communication channels beyond E-News and E-mail to include all members of the community, not just school age families
  • Continue to review, revise and adopt school board policies which enhance and maintain integrity of the school district
  • Develop a crisis plan committee to review and create a safety plan for the district and each area within the district
  • Maintain and develop a quality evaluation system for all employees to assist professional growth and development
  • Build on current Consortium plan to offer more collaboration and opportunities for fiscal and educational growth

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