Academic Writing, Communications, Intro to Literature, World Literature--Ms. Wilson
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Accounting--Mr. Smith

ACT Prep--Mr. Pischke

Advanced Biology--Mr. O'Hare

Agronomy--Woodworking--Trade & Industry--Agri-Business--Small Engines--Welding i & II--Mr. Dvergsten

Anatomy--Mr. Keefe

AP Calculus--Mr. Pischke

Art I & II--Ms. Slater

Band--Mr. Christian

Business Math--Mr. Smith

Ceramics--Ms. Slater

Chemistry--Mr. Keefe

ED 101--Mrs. Munson
Introduction to Geography/College Credit--Mr. Simpkins

Lifetime Fitness--Mr. Bain
Physics--Mr. Keefe

Pre-Calculus--Ms. Guentzel

Psychology--Mrs. Glynn
Vet Science--Mrs. Swanek