The expecations, listed in my classroom, are:  "I will..." 
-...sing my best (I don't care how well you sing, I care how hard you try!) others. 
-...have an open mind to learning new things, and learning music I'm unfamiliar with. 
-...spit out my gum.
-...raise my hand and use my manners. aware of how my behavior affects the ensemble.

Elementary (K-4) music grades will be given in line with the grading standards for all elem. classes. 
Middle school and high school grades will follow grading scales for those grade levels, based on percentages.

7-8 Choir and 9-12 Choir will be given a syllabus when school starts with grading policies and expectations. 

Grades for choirs are based upon several factors: 
1. In class effort and participation which will be the biggest factors for success and enjoyment of choir. 
2. Performance expectations: whatever performances are planned for all choir students (such as concerts, contests etc) throughout the school year, students will be expected to attend and do their best. (Only in very rare situations will students be excused from a concert, such as illness, funeral, etc. A written document from a parent (email preferred) is required preferably ahead of time if possible when an absence will occur.) 
3. Voice lessons: all students will be required to attend a certain number of voice lessons throughout the school year to assure that I can asses individual voices, skills, technique, concerns, and needs. Some students will want to take more lessons than required, many on a regular basis if it fits both our schedules. Lessons will be scheduled within the first week or so of the school year and can be done individually or in very small groups (4 or less). 
4. Written work and other assignments/projects: (this year in particular, when we have to be careful about where and and how much we sing as a large group) there will be assignments and written work during class. Occasionally, I may assign work to be done at home. These may include: music theory, history, analysis, interpretation, creation, creative work, and possible quizzes/tests. 
5. SING! Especially when choir has become a 
choice (grades 9-12), not a requirement or expectation, it is important that you come ready to use your voice to the best of your ability and be willing to put in an effort to improve and follow instructions. It becomes very obvious when choir members are not doing their part, and that hurts the choir as a whole. Ensembles need to function like a team in the sense that everyone has weight to pull, yet no one sits on the bench so come ready to use your voice! 

Percentages based on school policy: 

A 94-100

A- 90-93

B+ 87-89

B 84-86

B- 80-83


C 74-76

C- 70-73

D+ 67-69

D 64-66

D- 60-63