Image result for black and white snowflakesWinter Weather is here! If there is a No School day, please find time to do 5 of these activities with your child. Please keep track of the activities you have completed, and turn into Ms. Paige when we return to school! Happy Snow Day!
 Blizzard Bingo

Skip around your kitchen table 3x

Read a story

Find something that is each color of the rainbow

Find something smaller than   your hand

Find 3    different shapes

Sing your ABCs

Practice counting 1-10 or higher!

Walk on your    tip toes

Give someone a compliment

Pat your head & rub your tummy

Act out your favorite animal

Hop on each    foot 10x

Write your name

Read a story

Help with a  family chore

Find something with numbers    on it

Play Outside!

“Read” a story to your stuffed animals or dolls

Crab Walk

Sing your ABCs

Sort out your toys by color/size

Walk backwards 5 steps

Eat a healthy snack

Write your name

Find these shapes in your house: square, circle, triangle