Date of Snow day - February 22, 2022


Happy snow day!! The following links are available for your child to practice skills related to their services. Please spend 10-20 minutes of practice for each of your child’s services. If you are unsure what services your child receives, please email me at and I will let you know! 



Kindergarten Reading Activities 

First and Second Grade Reading Activities  

Third Grade Reading Activities 

Other ideas for reading include: practicing spelling, reading AR, IXL



Kindergarten Math Activities 

First and Second Grade Math Activities 

Third Grade Math Activities 

Other ideas for math include: fact card practice, IXL


Writing Activities 

Other ideas for writing include: writing about your snow day, writing a story



  • Do a chore at home or for an adult
  • Play/interact with someone for 20 minutes
  • Do a GoNoodle