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2020-2021 Student Council Election Results

Listed below are the GM Student Council Election results.  We would like to thank all those students who participated.  We would also like to thank Mrs. Lori Petzel for all her hard work helping with this process! 

* If there is an open class position, students that hold a position or someone who is a non-voting member on the Student Council will be eligible to run for it this fall.  We did have two ties so both people will be holding the position together.


Student Council Election Results:


12th Grade

President:  Madison Hindt

Vice President:  Ethan Kassel

Secretary:  Luke Speer

Treasurer:  Laney Anderson

Representative:  Hailey Hindt


11th Grade:

President:  Open at this Time 

Vice President:  Taylor Glynn

Secretary:  Emma Grafe

Treasurer:  Xander Stejskal

Representative:  Roman Warmka

Non-Voting:  Dustin Copley, Anna Oehlke, Nils Lee, Jacob Kerrins


10th Grade:

President:  Becca Hoffman

Vice President:  Jace Kraft

Secretary:  Kendyl Queensland

Treasurer:  Emma Hemann

Representative:  Mack Armagost

Non-Voting:  Connor Munson


9th Grade:

President:  Lexy Foster

Vice President:  Caroline Hemann

Secretary:  Open at this Time

Treasurer:  Brie Bhend

Representative:  Open at this Time


8th Grade:

President:  Lauren Queensland

Vice President:  Alyssa Peterson

Secretary:  Zach Gehling

Treasurer:  Aspen Kohling

Representative:  Open at this Time

Non-Voting:  Grace Soltau


7th Grade:

President:  Carter Glynn & Aralynn Olson (tie, co-Presidents)

Vice President:  Hallie Hendrickson

Secretary:  Kendall Jack

Treasurer:  Gracie Foster

Representative:  Karina Lee & Cole Reid (tie, co-Representatives)

Non-Voting:  Naomi Warmka, Ayden Stier, Adyson Brogan


6th Grade:  (5 Representatives)

Parker Armagost

Aubrey Buttke

Cohen Craft

Claire Munson

Hadley Pooler

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