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Summer SAC & Summer REC Updates

Summer SAC Program                                                                                                                   May 19th, 2020

Great News!  Summer SAC will open starting on Tuesday June 2nd! We just received the guidelines from the governor on May 14th to be able to go ahead and offer a Summer SAC Program. Registration will be needed fast for this program because we didn’t find out until May 15th for sure if we would have a program. Attached is the registration. Please fill it out and email it back to or drop off in the Old gym entrance. (Door 6)

Past due payment must be current before starting summer SAC. Care will be provided at $2.75 per hour and be open from 6am to 6pm for kids 5 years to 5th grade.

There will be a couple of things this year that will be different. With COVID and Social Distancing we will need to have 1 adult per 9 kids so we organize in smaller group and be in different areas of the school.


Starting June 8th you will all enter in the Old Gym Doors (door 6) and be met by the SAC worker. All kids will get their temp taken at the door by SAC worker. (If your child has a fever or any other symptoms they must stay home!)  You will sign-in in the Old Gym Entrance (door 6) and then your child will be sent to their group for that day. You will still have to bring a lunch daily for your child, and snacks and milk will be provided.

Schedules. It is VERY important that we have a schedule for you EVERY week so that we know how many adults we need for the right number of kids! If you are not on the schedule and you show up for SAC day you may be turned away if we have too many kids for the number of helpers that we have.

If you need to cancel or change your schedule we need a 24-hour notice. If you are on the schedule to come and we don’t get a 24-hour cancellation you will be charged for the full day.

Grand Meadow SAC program would appreciate if everyone who participates in the Summer SAC program to donate 1 or more of the following items to be able to keep our kids safe and healthy.

Sunscreen – spray kind



Clorox Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

*****Summer Rec- We are still unsure at this time if we will have Swim Lessons or summer baseball/softball.

Please watch for updates on the Community Ed Facebook page and Parent E-News.


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