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MN DNR Youth Firearms Safety Certification

With the restrictions the MN DNR has placed on in-person Youth Firearms Safety classes due to COVID concerns, the instructors from GM are recommending the use of an on-line class.  The on-line class costs $25, takes about 12 hours to complete, and can be done at the students own pace.  After the student completes the on-line class, they print a voucher that allows them to attend an in-person Field Day where they'll earn their Firearms Safety Certificate.  On Saturday, October 10 at noon at the GM Gun Club there will be a Field Day.


To participate in the on-line class, the student must be 11 years old or older on October 10, 2020.  If you have a student that's interested in participating in this on-line path to earning a Firearms Safety Certificate, please email Lead Instructor Greg Lamp at or call him at 507-754-5908 for details on how to get started.  The student will have about a month to complete the on-line class that typically takes about 12 hours, but best to get started sooner than later.  The student must have the on-line class completed before they can attend the Oct 10 Field Day!


Any questions, please email Greg Lamp at or call 507-754-5908.

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