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Food Service Update

Food Service Update

Tuesday, September 8th

The school district received verification on Friday, September 4th, that the federal summer food program has been extended.  The extension at this time is until December 2020 or until funds run out at the Federal level. 

Please make sure you turn in the applications for Free/Reduced if you have not already completed these applications.

What does this mean?   The program extension means that students age 3 years old until 12th grade will get free meals: Breakfast and lunch

I already made a deposit to my child(ren) lunch account, now what happens?  The school district will not charge meals to your child(ren)’ s account.  The school district will notify families via E-News, social media and by announcements at the school if/when we will go back to the regular school meal program

When will this program start at Grand Meadow School?  We started Tuesday, September 8th

Will there be any charges made to my child(ren)’s account?  Yes – If a student wants extra’s or seconds, that is not free.  Also, if a student wants only a milk that would be a chargeable expense as well

Does my child(ren) need to have their ID with the lunch number with them when they get their meal?  Yes and no

Yes, if they want seconds, (extra's) of if they want to purchase a milk

No, if they are just getting the main meal and nothing else.   The Food Service personnel just need to keep track of the meals served and do not need to charge back to individual or family accounts while we are providing meals under the Summer Food Program

Daycare Providers:  If you have school age children at your daycare on Fridays; children 3 years old and older, the district is looking at the potential of delivering meals to you on Fridays if we can work out the transportation.  E-Mail or call Mr. Besel if this is something you would like to participate in this option.   The earliest we would be able to get this option started would be Friday, September 18th 


Phone: 507.754.5318  secondary office option

Adult Meals: Full charge

Distance Learning Fridays:

Meals will be distributed via door W3 at the school

  • Breakfast from 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
  • Lunch from 11:30 AM – 12:30 AM


Author: Paul Besel   E-Mail: