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October 14 Updates: Indoor Events/COVID/Homecoming

Indoor Athletics/Activities: 

The Activities Department and Administration have been working with other schools in the conference and surrounding area to set up some consistent expectations for indoor activities.  Granted most of the expectations will be the same, but some will be different based on the capacity and expectations for each specific school district.  We are fortunate at Grand Meadow to have the amazing Legacy gymnasium for educational, as well as extracurricular opportunities for our students and have the capacity to allow spectators under the current guidelines.   Again, keep in mind each district that your student-athlete may be competing in may have different expectations and limitations due to capacity and social Distancing. 


COVID update:   

At this time there are no active COVID-19 positive cases in the student body and no active COVID -19 positive cases in the faculty or staff at Grand Meadow School as of 10-13-2020.   There are a few symptomatic students that are being monitored or quarantined, but nothing active at this point. 

I truly believe one of the main reasons the Grand Meadow school district and community is in the place we are today is that each and every one of you have made a conscious effort to be diligent about hand washing, using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask during appropriate times and places.  In the next few months, we are going to be having breaks and holidays which will test our resolve and ability to stay in the current Model of Instruction at the school.  Please make sure you stay focused on protocols to keep yourself, your family, and the school community safe.   

Reminder:  Have a plan in place for your family should the need arise to move to a different model of Instruction, such as Distance Learning. 



At this time homecoming and coronation is being planned to take place the week of October 25th – October 30th.   Plans should be shared next week, as we are working on creating activities and events that we can still do yet keeping within the guidelines and expectations to keep students and staff safe. 

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