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Health Office Reminders



  • Keep your “circles small” (if possible, only the people you live with) 
  • When around anyone who doesn’t live in your home, please wear a mask. 

  • Wash your hands at natural breaks in your day and when you leave your home and when you return home.  Sanitize or wash hands between places you visit 

    (post office, gas station, doctor’s office, grocery store, etc.) 

  • If you have symptoms, get tested and quarantine while waiting for results.  If you’re negative, monitor for worsening symptoms.  If you’re positive, isolate from others you live with for at least 10 days and improved symptoms, notify people you have been in contact within the 2 day before your symptoms started.  If you’re unable to isolate when you’re positive or unsure of what this means, please contact Mower County Public Health (507) 437-9701 or your school nurse, Kathi Himebaugh (507) 438-0357 for guidance.  

    (refer to the decision tree) 

  • If you’ve been told that you’re a close contact to someone who tested positive, please quarantine for 14 days.  Your day zero is the day that you last had contact with the person who tested positive.  The next day is your day 1.  Testing is recommended not sooner than day 5 (days 5-7 are the recommended days to get tested).  Stay quarantined through the end of the 14th day.  Day 15 you may resume normal activity. 

  • All Grand Meadow School Students and Staff: 

    PLEASE, reports any positive cases that occur while on break or distance learning.  Cases that are unaccounted for still show up on the state update identified only by age and zip code.  Please help us to resume in person learning as soon as possible, by being diligent with distancing, masks and hygiene. 


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