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Update on Event Spectator Attendance

During the month of January, the Grand Meadow School District has been allowing each athletic participant to purchase 2 tickets per home event.  Both spectators and participants have been doing a good job following COVID guidelines, so beginning February 1st with the boys' basketball game vs LeRoy-Ostrander, we are going to begin allowing athletes to purchase 4 tickets for varsity events.  These tickets may be used for family members or friends.  All tickets will be $5 and must be purchased by 4:00 p.m. the day of the game.  The same protocols will be in place with everyone needing to have their name and phone numbers written on the back of their tickets when they arrive.  Social distancing and mask guidelines will remain in place and be closely monitored.  Any 2 family members are allowed to sit on a single “white dot” in the bleachers as long as they are from the same household.  Others will need to sit on separate “white dots”, including students.  Outside spectators need to contact a player if they would like tickets, as general admission tickets for spectators are still not available, and all tickets need to be purchased prior to the event(we are not selling tickets at the event). If you have any questions, please call the office at 507-857-1120.


Due to social distancing requirements, this is for events held in the Legacy gym only.  Events held in the Dome gym will continue to be 2 tickets per participant. 


The new ticket allowance for events is a trial basis and could be changed at any time if a COVID outbreak were to happen or if spectators are not following the COVID expectations. 


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