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Quarantine and Pre-school Update

Quarantine and Pre-school Update  

February 17th, 2021 

Since last fall, the Grand Meadow school district has had policy about travel, funerals and weddings based on the guidance for reopening schools.    The district expectation was to self-quarantine for 14 days if a person traveled by mass transit, attended a funeral or wedding where they may have been a close contact. 

Given the recently updated CDC guidelines and more people getting vaccinated, those expectations are no longer in place.   However, we would still appreciate you sharing with your classroom teacher and the office administrative assistants these types of plans or events.   In addition to these changes, there are also new CDC guidelines for people that have received a full vaccination which eliminate the need for quarantining if there has been a close contact.  GM School will be following those guidelines as well.  School faculty and staff have started to get some vaccinations, but it has been a slow process based on the availability of vaccinations.   

Although, there has recently been an increase in positive COVID-19 cases in the community, the school has been able to stay open due to the mitigation plans that are in place at the school, which has helped minimize the number of students, staff, and faculty which have needed to be quarantined.  Please continue to use common sense and normal family practices if your child(ren) is not feeling well.  Keep your child home if they are not feeling well and notify the offices that they are staying home.   

We also know that you have made and continue to make sacrifices to help make sure we can keep students in school.   We have noticed and it is so greatly appreciated- THANK YOU! 

The school district and school board continue to monitor the number of students and staff who are quarantined and the number of students/families that are choosing to learn via the Distance Learning model.  Currently, those numbers are still too high for the district to move to a 5 day a week learning model.    


Pre-School: Ages 3 and 4 
Grand Meadow School will be moving the Pre-School Instructional Model back to the traditional learning model we had in place last year starting on Monday, March 1st 

Mrs. Baldus will be putting together the specific details about how this model change will take place and which students will be in AM or PM sessions. 

Please give Mrs. Baldus few days to get the information in place before asking specific questions.  She will communicate with PK parents directly through her communication conduits. 


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