Grand Meadow ISD 495‚Äč

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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures
Reminder:  Drop Off Procedures:  In the morning parents can drop students off at the curb in the front of the school-  Doors 1 and 2.  It is ok to temporarily park your vehicle by the curb to walk your child into the school, otherwise use a visitors parking spot to park and walk with your child into the school.  At no time is it ok to let a child walk across the parking lot or driving lanes by themselves.  This is a danger zone around the school with lots of traffic, large vehicles, as well as, HS students driving to school
Reminder: After School Pick Up:  All students that are  getting a ride home after school from parents/designees get picked up at door 6 in the back of the school.  This procedure is set up to cut down on congestion in the front of the school by doors 1 and 2, but more importantly it creates a much safer environment for families and children.  The area in between Door 1 and Door 2 are for buses and school vehicles only.  This restriction is in place from 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM.  After 3:15 PM, students can be picked up in the front of the school by doors 1 and 2 after the buses and school vehicles have left for the afternoon routes.
Do not walk in between the buses when they are lined up.  The drivers purposely park as close to each other as possible when lined up to stop adults and school-age children from walking in between them.  The drivers can not see people walking in between buses.  More importantly though is that drivers can not see people coming out from in between the buses either
Thanks for respecting these procedures and helping to make the area around the school a safe place!