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GM Decision Tree and Health Updates

Parent E-News 

In this edition you will find two attached documents.  One document is the Grand Meadow Decision Tree.  You will see that the school district has a plan in place that identifies common and less common symptoms of many different health circumstances that come up.  The difference is that we are not looking to quarantine students/employees solely based on common or less common symptoms. 

The other document is titled GM Health updates:  This document outlines thresholds that we will be operating the school under based on positive cases of COVID.  The bottom line is that all three levels have the students learning in-person 5 days a week, with some mitigation practices that may need to be put in place.  The second page goes through some disclaimers about absences, the data we will use to make decisions, close contacts, symptoms and quarantining. 

This is our base model to start the school year.  We all need to be flexible as there may be a time, we may need to go to face coverings for a short period of time. In addition, as a family you need to have a quarantine plan in place just like you do for family emergencies and weather-related cancellations. 

I would also like to restate that one of the main reasons Grand Meadow school did not have to jump in and out of learning models last year was because the families who have children coming to school worked hard to make good choices and stay safe, along with the mitigation processes we had in place at school. 

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