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Flu Vaccine Clinic Rescheduled to October 28


The Medicap Flu Vaccine Clinic that was rescheduled for this week on Thursday, October 14 has been again postponed to Thursday, October 28th.  They apologize, as do I, for any inconvenience this has or may cause.  One of the pharmacists is still out with an emergency.

For those students, staff or community members that have not signed up, this gives you some additional time to take care of this ????.  Signing up: email or call the school nurse at 507-857-1120 extension 7715.

If this second delay is not going to work for you, Medicap will still see you at their pharmacy in Austin.  Just call ahead at 507-433-7123.

As noted in last week's notice, Medicap does accept Mayo insurance for any that are wondering.


Kathi Himebaugh, RN

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