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Reminders: Morning Drop Off--Weather--Pizza With the Principals

Morning Parent Drop Off- Elementary and Secondary Entrance (Door 1 and Door 2)
Overall, the morning drop-off process has gone decently so far this fall.  However, this is a reminder to leave about 10 feet on either side of the sidewalk so the school vans can drop off students.  The vans need the space to unload students.  Some of the students need extra assistance to get out of the vans, as well as, making suire there is wheelchair access for the vans to unload.

Students should not be dropped off at school any earlier than 7:45 AM.  There is not supervision for students at the school prior to 7:45 AM. Breakfast is served from 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM, so if you drop off your child at 7:30 AM or later for breakfast that is fine, as the students will in the cafeteria, where there is cafeteria supervision.

Dress for the weather conditions:
As the temperatures start to get cooler and cooler, please make sure your child(ren) dress according to the conditions.  This is especially important for elementary students, as they will be going outside whenever possible for recess.

Weather related cancellations:
Grand Meadow school will again be implementing E-Learning days in the event that school needs to be cancelled for weather related reasons.  The difference this year is that E-Learning will start right away.  

Pizza With the Principals:
Mr. Besel and Mr. Rosaaen have been randomly checking to see if students are carrying a book to read or asking students a basic math question.  If a student has a book with them or can answer a basic math fact question, students get a card to put in a drawing to have Pizza with the Principals.  
Ask your child(ren) if they have received a card for having a book or if they had to answer a math question.
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