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E-Learning Days

E-Learning at Grand Meadow School

This is a quick reminder and update regarding E-Learning at GM school

How will we know if it is an E-Learning day?  The weather related announcement will state that school is closed.  There will be an additional statement in the closure that says E-Learning Day.

What is an E-Learning Day?  E-Learning does not replace being at the school and working with teachers. E-Learning is a method to maintain and extend the learning that is being taught at the school on days when the weather conditions do not allow safe travel to and from the school. E-Learning days are counted as school days and will not need to be made up.  The district can have up to five (5) E-Learning days which count as school days.

How will my child know what to do?  Open the school’s webpage ( and under the District Quicklinks, there is a category called E-Learning Day Info. Click on this link and then all of the grade levels and teacher’s information will be listed.

Grades  PK-4 will have Blizzard Bags.  In these bags, students have various activities they do when school is closed.  Students turn those activities in to their homeroom teacher when they come back to school.

Grades 5-12 – for each class and teacher, there is a link on the school webpage for the students to work on.

What if my child has a question?  How do they connect with a teacher?  Please e-mail or call the teacher.  Teachers will be available starting at 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM on E-Learning days.  If you call the school and leave a message on the teacher’s voicemail, the voicemail will go to their e-mail accounts.  Otherwise, send your question via e-mail to the teachers and they will respond to the e-mail.  The reason for the 10:00 AM start for teachers is in the event there is a late start and then a school closure, it gives teachers the opportunity to either get to the school or get back home where they can access their e-mail and webpages.  Many times teachers are on-line ready to go way before 10:00 AM.


If you have any other questions about E-Learning, please contact Mr.  Besel or Mr. Rosaaen  507.754.5318

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