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Mission Monday

Mission Monday is an endeavor that will provide our school with actionable steps we can take every week to enhance our school community. Each week will be a different mission for students to work on. The mission of the week will be sent out to families in a Principal E-News on Sunday nights. It will then be announced to students and staff on Monday morning during announcements. Every mission will be observable and it will never be about an attitude, it should be about an action. Some examples may include “Saying ‘Hi’ to someone new each day.” “Say ‘thank you’ to the cafeteria staff every day this week.” “Leave every place cleaner than you found it.” These are intentional acts of kindness, not random acts of kindness. With Mission Monday, we intend to make our school a better place, one week at a time. Look for the first mission to be sent out this Sunday.

Just remember - “We are the Superlarks and that’s what we do!” #missionaccomplished

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