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See message below from Arvig Communications:  Share with people you know that may not have internet services.


Over the past 70 years in business, Arvig has always placed a priority on the health and safety of our employees and customers. We share the growing concern about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is increasingly impacting our communities. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all of those who have been affected by this virus.

Keeping people connected to the world has been and continues to be Arvig’s mission. Though we have entered a challenging period, we are committed to providing our communities with an affordable, reliable internet service. This includes families who may have children learning online from home, instead of in the classroom. 

In accordance with our commitment to the Federal Communications Commission’s Keep America Connected Pledge, we are offering the Arvig Education Assistance Program for families with a student in the K-12 system or for college students, to receive free internet service so their education can continue via e-learning methodologies in the event schools remain closed as a result of COVID-19. A few things to note:

  • This program is available to families who live in the Arvig service area and currently do not have any internet service at their residence 
  • Any internet speed available will be offered free-of-charge, including wi-fi service if needed
  • To qualify for free service, they must be a new customer, have no bad debt with Arvig and sign up for paperless statements
  • The service will remain free until the 2019/2020 school year concludes unless they call to disconnect their service and return equipment
  • Unfortunately, if we are unable to deliver 5 Mbps speed to their residence, we won’t be able to offer them this program
  • We will prioritize service installations for low-income families. Verification of need may be provided via a conference call with the school

If you know of a family who does not have internet service right now who may qualify for the Arvig Education Assistance Program, please encourage them to:

  1. Contact our Customer Care team either online at using our online chat or by calling 888.992.7844
  2. When they mention they are interested in the Arvig Education Assistance Program, the Customer Care Representative will walk them through the steps to determine if they qualify and if so, set them up for installation

Thank you for your commitment to the education of our region’s children and helping us spread the word about this program. 


David Arvig
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Arvig

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