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Good Afternoon Grand Meadow, Families and Community,
There will be a series of three E-News documents being sent out within the next day or two. We are communicating in this manner so information can be clustered in a manner that helps you understand the information being shared.  The school district is still in the  eight day planning stage of the previous Governor's order, but we are prepared to start sending you information in preparation for getting started on distance learning on Monday, March 30th. 
E-News #1 will have distance learning information 
E-News #2 will have information regarding Food Service, Daycare for Essential service personnel, communication and some general information
E-News #3 will have information about parent and student expectations during the distance learning time period

A you may have heard, Governor Walz has issued a stay at home order for two weeks.  He has also directed schools in Minnesota to start their Distance Learning Plans starting on Monday, March 30th until May 4th.

The specific schedule for the distribution of distance learning packets are listed below.

Distance learning packet pick up 

As we move forward with our distance learning plans due to school closures we have come up with a process to for parents and/or students to pick up their packets.  Pick up will be Friday, March 27th at the following times: 


Galaxy/Pre K 

8:00 am 


8:30 am 

1st Grade 

9:00 am 

2nd Grade 

9:30 am 

3rd Grade 

10:00 am 

4th Grade 

10:30 am 

5-12 Grade 

11:00 am 

* If you have children in multiple grades please pick up at your oldest child’s time. 

* Open enrolled students will be required to pick up packets. we will not deliver outside of the district. 

* 5th & 6th will need to pick up art packets  

* band instruments will be available for pick up as well 

  1. Pick up will be at Door 1 (elementary entrance) 
  1. Pull up along curbside and remain in your vehicle 
  1. School employees will gather student’s packets and bring to table under tent 
  1.  Once given a thumbs up you may approach the table to retrieve packet(s) 
  1.  This should be no more than a 3-minute process 

    All packets not picked up by 11:30 will be delivered between 1:30 pm & 2:30 pm.  These will be delivered per bus route & driver along with a paraprofessional in a school district van. 

  • Packets will be dropped off on the front step or inside the storm door with a quick knock on the door. 
  • For the safety of your family and our school employees we will only have a brief wave through the window/door. 

    ***** If you have issues with on-line formats, programs or tools, please e-mail your child(ren)s teachers directly
    **** Please check the district webpage under "Quicklinks" for the Distance Learning tab for updated information

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