Grand Meadow ISD 495‚Äč

710 4th Ave NE  PO Box 68  Grand Meadow, MN 55936  Phone: 507-754-5318  Fax: 507-754-5608

We use Saxon Math in second grade. Every day there is a group lesson where we learn and practice new skills together. The lesson introduces a new concept through discussion and an activity. Number facts are introduced using fact strategies. We will practice the facts in class using fact cards and fact sheets. Your child will also have practice activities to do at home. After each lesson we will practice the new learning, as well as concepts previously taught, through guided written practice. The children complete and correct side A of a practice sheet in class. Side B is your child's homework. We will have homework two to four times a week. Please assist your child by reading the problems on side B, if necessary. Allow your child to arrive at the answers independently. Check their work and help them correct any mistakes. It is important that your child return the homework the next day so it can be graded. Some days there will be enough time to do the homework section in class.Please check your binder to see if there is homework.