The Ten Rules of Concert Etiquette
(For Adults)

1. Refrain from talking.
This is the first and greatest rule.
This rule includes whispering to or discipline your other children.

2. Keep concert programs quiet during the performance. 
If the composer wanted to include crinkling paper noises to the music,
he/she would have written it into the parts.

3.Turn off pagers, cell phones, and watch alarms.
While many phones and pagers now have very symphonic-like rings,
they don't always fit into the musical score, nor do they provide pleasant
sounds for your neighbors.

4. Do not wave to your child during the concert.
After all, they do know who you are already and they know you are there;
you most likely brought them to the concert.

5. Do not take flash photography.
You don't want you child to walk off the edge of the riser or stage from flash blindness,
do you?

6. Please do not walk down the center aisle with your video camera.
Video cameras work just as well from the back of the auditorium
(besides, the light is usually not good enough for video taping anyway.)

7. Do not leave as soon as your child's portion of the concert is over.
All of the students deserve a full audience for their performances.
Remember, the next time your child's song could be the last one of the concert!

8. Applaud at appropriate times.
Some music has several sections. Remember, it's not over until all of 
the sections have been performed. Watch the director, they give hints.

9. Do not leave the auditorium during the music.
Wait for a break in the concert to visit the restroom, unless you are carrying
a screaming child, in which case you should leave quietly and quickly, PLEASE!

"Bleachers make a lot of noise when going up and down them"

10. Go to the concert expecting the best.
You just might be surprised how good your student sounds when the other 
students join in!

This list is taken directly from The National Association for Music Education's Website.