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E-Learning Day
Yes today, April 18th is a Snow Day. Many of you have two E-Learning assignments to complete for me so I will leave the older assignment from April 3rd below. There will be a line on the page dividing the two separate assignments.

April 18th
6th grade and JH band students need to complete this assignment.

This Assignment can be typed, hand written, or emailed to Mr. Christian and will be due two days after we return to schools. 

The prompt below has many questions within it. This means that it will take a minimum of 7 complete sentences. Below the prompt is a rubric that outlines my expectations.
Read the prompt and rubric compete so you clearly understand what I am asking?

I will be available through email all day. I will be able to listen to my office voice mails as well.

Imagine that you've been asked to select music for a concert to be performed by the  band.  Considering the music we play and how we normally rehearse, what might you choose?  Would they be songs from the radio?  Classical music?  How many pieces would we play, and in what order?  What challenges might we face as we got ready and how long would it take?  Which is more important: choosing music that helps us become better musicians, or music that provides for an exciting concert?  Could the music you choose do both?








Submission thoroughly answers the question(s) posed in the prompt.

Submission generally answers the question(s) posed in the prompt.

Submission addresses some aspects of the prompt, but questions or portions of a question are left unanswered.

Submission is off-task or makes little reference to the question(s) being asked.


Submission is thoughtful, carefully written and demonstrates self-reflection with regards to the topic.

Submission is carefully written and generally demonstrates self-reflection with regards to the topic.

Submission shows lapses in care and depth of understanding regarding the task at hand.

Submission is not thoughtfully written, and does not suggest the subject has been taken seriously.


Submission is clear, logical and articulate.

Submission is mostly clear and logical.

Submission is somewhat unclear and may have gaps in logical sequence.

Submission is unclear and may ramble from topic to topic.


Submission contains few or no grammatical errors.

Submission is contains some grammatical errors, but is generally well-written.

Submission contains several grammatical errors.

Submission contains frequent grammatical errors and is poorly-written.

April 3rd
5th grade and HS band students need to complete this assignment

Today I am changing things up a little bit to make this assignment easier and more fun!
The purple parts are the important stuff.

What you need to do: Think about your favorite it...good.
Next: Now you need to listen to the music. The main theme song, your favorite part, it                                                        does not matter to me.
Go to Youtube, pull up the digital copy, pop in that Blue Ray, DVD, or VHS (Brownie points if you know what that is) and listen to the music.
Here is the Homework: Write me a 5 sentence paragraph telling me how you think the music enhances the scene of the movie. 
In other words tell me in 5 complete sentances with punctuation and capitlization, how the music helps, adds to, or makes the movie better.
How to turn it in: 
  • You can type the parapraph directly into an email and send it to  (<--copy and paste that).
  • You can type a document and send it to me, same address above.
  • You can hand write it and turn it when we get back to school.
  • Submit a file to the E-Learning Dropbox located on the band webpage.         (One below the E-Learning page) 

I will have me email open today if you have questions and I will be able to hear voicemails I get at school. Once again my email is  and my office phone number is 507-754-5318 ext. 7718.

Here is a video showing you the power music has over a scene from my favorite movie.