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E-Learning day activities for grades 1, 3, 4, 5-6; 7-8 and high school choir.

In the event of a THIRD snow day, you should be able to choose an item from the list that you either did not watch or listen to.  Email me with what you did.
Miss Moe's email for all e learning days is  All I want is a short sentence telling me what you did.  

First Grade:  Find one thing in your home that has a steady beat.  Find one thing that has rhythm.  

New Videos for Anyone!  Choose one, watch it all the way through and let me know what you think!  Copy and paste the link into your browser if clicking on it doesn't work.

Piano Guys

Cello Wars

Third Grade:  If you are watching movies or television, listen to the 'theme' music.  Write down two shows or movies with theme music that you like.  An example might be:  Bonanza, or Big Bang Theory.

Fourth Grade students-work on recorder music.  Make sure to give notes the proper amount of beats.  OR watch THIS VIDEO ; (Virtual Choir) ; (Recorder music)

Fifth/Sixth Grade:
Choose one of the following videos from youtube and email me with a short sentence about what you watched.




Junior choir members (grades 7-8):    Choose one of the following.  Email me once you have finished.  Write a sentence or two about what you did.



4.  NEW ; (The Inside Voice)

SENIOR CHOIR ; ; ; (if you can't get the links to work, search youtube:  Newsies The World Will Know; and Disney's Newsies sneak peak behind the scenes)

Senior choir members watch this preview of Newsies and The World Will Know (it is a rehearsal for the Broadway production with commentary and the broadway recording of the song).  Email me and tell me if you plan on attending the May 2 evening production (date is tentative depending on seating).