Shortened Quarantine Agreement

Schedules and Attendance During Distance Learning

PK-12 Attendance: 

Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of scheduled period/class time. If student is not on zoom, unless the office is notified, the student will be marked as unexcused absence for the day. 

Schedules: Using the data from the summer survey and current survey where over 80% of parents wanted screen time to be between 1-4 hours, we will follow the schedules below 

PK-4: Teachers will be communicating with families with learning plans and schedule times 

Grades 5-12 (similar to Spring): 

Mondays and Wednesdays 

        • Period 1        9:00-9:50 
        • Period 3       10:00-10:50 
        • Period 5       11:00-11:50 
        • Lunch           12:00-12:50 
        • Period 7       1:00-2:00 
Tuesdays and Thursdays 
        • Period 2        9:00-9:50 
        • Period 4       10:00-10:50 
        • Period 6       11:00-11:50 
        • Lunch           12:00-12:50 
        • Homework Help Hour       1:00-2:00 
  • Virtual Intervention Day 9:30-11:00 
    • Scheduled by teachers 
    • Student Menus found in Google Advisory Classroom if not doing interventions 

Food Service During Distance Learning 

We will continue to have lunch and breakfast during distance learning.  

  • Pick-up will be every day from 11:30-12:30 at door W3(Legacy Gym Door). 
  • Breakfast will be packed with lunches. 
  • We will send a sign-up sheet via E-News for the entire week Monday-Friday. The sign-up will be sent out via e-news the next two Thursdays. The sign-up will close at 9 pm on Sundays. 
  • Lunch menus may change based on the original menu that was on the Grand Meadow School Website 

SAC During Distance Learning

SAC (School Age Care) schedule for December 14th through December 23rd

We will offer our Sac program for all Grand Meadow students in grade Kindergarten through 6th grade from 6:30am to 6:00pm. Our program is held in the dome gym. Please enter through Door 6 where your child will get their temperature taken and get checked in. Cost for this program will be $2.75/hour. 

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided during the day. We will have helpers there to assist with homework/classes. 

Tier 1 employees- Examples of Tier1 employees are Health Care Personnel, Emergency Medical Services Personnel, Law Enforcement, Courts, Public Health. Both parents will need to be Tier 1 and actively working to receive free care from 8:00am-3:00pm (all other hours are a charged rate of $2.75/hour) 

Non- Tier 1 Employees- will be charged $2.75 per hour 

If you are actively working during these hours and are unable to afford care you may apply for a grant through the school. (Application attached)  

Anyone who would like to sign up for this program needs to fill out the attached sheet (even if you are already registered for Sac) by Friday at 12:00pm. It is very important that you fill out the schedule portion of the sheet for staffing.  

Please send all sign up sheets to 

Thank you,

Cathy Paul 

Student Supply Pick-up

Grades PK-4

As we move forward with our distance learning plan we have a process for our parents and/or students to pick up their supplies.  Pick up will be Friday, December 11th at the following times: 

4th grade 


3rd grade 


2nd grade 


1st grade 












1. Pick up will be at door 1 (elementary entrance) for single student families and door W3 (Legacy entrance) for multiple student families. 

2. Please enter the school parking lot via 3rd Lane, near the bus garage, and exit onto Highway 16 

3. Pull up along curbside and remain in your vehicle 

4. A school employee will meet you to get the name(s) and grade(s) of your child(ren) 

5. They will bring your child’s supplies to your vehicle  

All materials not picked up by 3:30 PM will be delivered to your homes on the front step with a quick knock on the door. 

For the safety of your family and our school employees we will only have a brief wave through the window/door. 

Thank you all for your support and understanding during these trying times, please be safe. 


Grades 5-12:

Students will be taking materials home with them on Wednesday, December 9th and 10th. If your child(ren) is not in school on Wednesday or Thursday, contact the office to make arrangements for those materials to be picked up on Friday, December 11th

Friday, December11th will be a planning and material distribution day, so there will not be any interventions offered.  Interventions and individual student assistance will resume on Friday, December 18th

Health Office Information during Distance Learning: 

Although we are transitioning to a distant learning plan, please remember that families with students and or teaching staff should continue reporting COVID-19 absences and positive test results to the school.   

This will get better, but everyone's participation in "layering our prevention" is necessary to decrease the community spread in our district.  Restrict interaction with people who do not live in your home.  Wear your mask when you are around people who are not in your home.  Continue with hand washing and disinfecting routines of commonly touched surfaces.  

Please contact me if you have any questions: 

Office: 507-754-5317  Ext: 7715 


                        ~A NOTE FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE~

To:       Parents and Caregivers of Grand Meadow Students                                                    
July 27th  2020                         

Re:       Requirements for the 2020-2021 School Year

July Greetings,

1.) As you know, a statewide mask ordinance went into effect over the weekend.  For general school population this will mean that students will be required to wear a mask before boarding and while riding the school bus and before entering the school building throughout the day with scheduled breaks. 

*It is HIGHLY recommended to have  5 reusable masks per student  labeled with your child's/ren's first and last name. (extras may be helpful if weekly laundry will be a challenge).

*While there will be some access to disposable masks at school, they will likely be in short supply and we will rely on parents to provide reusable masks for their students.

*Students should wear a fresh clean mask each day.

2.) At this time we (school staff) do NOT plan to perform 1:1 COVID19 Screenings before students can enter the school or school bus.  We will screen students with complaints of not feeling well, looking not well, or sounding not well.

*There is a screening that we will expect that parents do DAILY that the student will present to the assigned teacher each morning.

*In order to increase the possibility or length of time we will be able to have students on campus, it is up to families, students and school staff to comply with the daily screening check list and to follow the Decision Tree provided by the Minnesota Department of Health.

*These measures won’t prevent all transmission, but the goal is to reduce and keep to a minimum.

3.) Students found to be ill at school will be screened according to the most current Decision Tree at the time.

*Students that have symptoms (per the Decision Tree guide) will be in an isolation room until they can be picked up by a parent or caregiver.  This system is not in place to hold all ill students all day.  It will simply be a waiting area isolated from non-symptomatic students. 

*It is absolutely imperative that your phone numbers are up to date as well as those you list as emergency contacts.

*Make sure you have a BACK UP PLAN for your students in the event they need to be home (per the Decision Tree) AND/OR if your students need to be sent home by the school nurse or other delegate.


~Your School Nurse, Kathi Himebaugh, RN~



Minnesota Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Department of Homeland Security
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