8th Grade Physical Science

Mr. Seth Stettler

Course Description:

In this course students will be exploring chemistry, geology, astronomy, and physics by studying the non-living systems and uncovering the natural phenomenon’s that occur in our universe through hands-on learning.  Students will develop problem-solving skills through phenomenon-based and inquiry-based instruction, and real-world applications. Students will also develop communication skills through group-based projects and work.

Course Outline: (Subject to change)

Semester One

Module One – Forces and Motion

Module Two – Mechanical Energy

Module Three – Electromagnetic Forces

Module Four – Introduction to waves

Module Five - Light


Semester Two

Module Six – Information Technologies

Module Seven – Energy and Matter

Module Eight – Classification and States of Matter

Module Nine – Properties and Changes

Module Ten – Materials Science


Weighting of Grades/Grading Scale:

70% Exams and Quizzes

30% Coursework/Laboratory


Grading Scale:

100-94%               A

93-90%                 A-

89-87%                 B+

86-84%                 B

83-80%                 B-

79-77%                 C+

76-74%                 C

73-70%                 C-

69-67%                 D+

66-64%                 D

63-60%                 D-

<60%                     F


Late-Work Policy:

In this course, work will be viewed with a “git-r-done" attitude. This means that late work will be accepted and have the potential to receive full credit. However, late work will only be accepted during the unit it was assigned in. For example, an assignment that was assigned during unit five must be turned in before the unit five exam to receive full credit.

Lab Work:

This course is a lab science. This means students will be involved with physical and virtual investigations. Students will be responsible for using tools and handling materials that require their focus and care. Any student who is not focused and using care while handling these tools and materials during class may be removed from the lab and given a zero that cannot be made up.


Make-up Work:

If a student is absent from class or knows they will be absent in the future, it is their responsibility to get make-up work before the absence or to receive their make-up work from the teacher the day of the students return. Students will have 2 days for each day absent from school. This only applies to excused absences. If a student’s absence is unexcused, the student will not be given additional time to complete an assignment and it is their responsibility to complete the work.


Retake Policy:

In this course, retakes will be allowed. Students may retake or redo any formative assessment. For a student to redo formative assessments, they must communicate to Mr. Stettler that they would like to redo an assignment for a better grade. Once the student has received materials needed from Mr. Stettler, they have one week to complete the assignment. If student returns assignment within one week, they are eligible to receive full credit for the assignment.


In this course students are allowed two test retakes each semester (four total). In order for a student to be eligible to retake a test the student cannot have any missing assignments from the unit associated with the exam.  A student must take the following steps for retaking an Exam:


  1. Communicate with Mr. Stettler about wanting to retake an exam
  2. Set up date for retake with Mr. Stettler
  3. Create study plan with Mr. Stettler



Extra Credit:

There will be no extra credit offered in this course


Classroom Expectations:

1) Number one and most important: Think like a proton and be positive!

2) Be Safe

3) Be Responsible

4) Be Respectful


Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones will not be allowed during class unless permission is granted by the teacher. Phones should be silent and kept in the Cell Phone Pockets located by the door or in student backpacks



iPads are to be used for educational purposes only. If a student is caught using their iPad for any reason other than school may have their iPad privileges taken away.


Food and Drink Policy:

Drinks will be allowed in the classroom as long as they are stored in a water bottle and are kept at the student tables. Absolutely no drinks will be allowed on lab tables. Food will not be allowed in the classroom

If there are ever any questions about anything, please email me at sstettler@gm.k12.mn.us


I am overly excited to get to know each one of you! This year will be filled with a lot of fun and exciting opportunities for everyone to enjoy!

Mr. Stettler reserves the right to change this syllabus as need throughout the year. Students and Families will be contacted about any changes.