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Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Update

Voluntary COVID-19 testing update: 

Attached to this message is a form that parents/legal guardians can fill out and have on file in the nurse's office which gives permission to administer a COVID test at school. 

Also, if the nurse calls about a student with symptoms and you have not had a chance to get a form filled out and returned, verbal consent can be given at the time of the phone call from the nurse. 

Testing is another voluntary mitigation practice the school district is putting into place to help keep students in school that may have symptoms which otherwise would have required a student to be sent home. 

If you have any specific questions about COVID-19 testing or the permission form, please connect with Kathi Himebaugh, school nurse at 507.857.1120 ext. 7715 or by e-mail at: 

Permission Form

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